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Cryptocurrency is the present curvature of finance and the future of the monetary world. There is no wiser action than to be involved; actively trading, and investing in it.
We provide our clients with the opportunity to enjoy maximum transaction speed and zero fraud risk exposure.
we Offer?
  • Instant cryptocurrency purchase
  • Easy integration payment gateway with Widget or API
  • Integrated CRM with rich features
  • Integrated KYC/AML solutions
  • Safe and secure payments
  • DDoS protection
Become a crypto trader in seconds
Use your crypto assets to earn passive income and let your crypto work for you.
You can sell and buy with confidence.
Means of
Your clients can purchase their favorite cryptocurrencies with confidence using their credit/debit cards securely and in a very convenient way. Your platform is equipped to process all major MASTERCARD and VISA cards. Your clients can also use Wire Transfer to purchase their favorite cryptocurrency at a more competitive price
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer
How It Works
Doing It the User-Friendly Way....
  • User registers at your platform, with names and email address provisions.
  • User goes through a KYC/AML verification process.
  • User selects to buy cryptocurrencies of choice using credit/ debit card/wire transfer.
  • User enters his/her wallet address for which he owns the private key.
  • After successful purchase, the user receives his crypto in his wallet.
Why You Should Choose Us
You’re not required to make any inputs of which you’re not fully aware of. All actions are checked and noticed by your customers. There are no hidden fees whatsoever and the whole process from start to finish is completely transparent.
24-7 Technical Support
We have a well-trained technical support team to attend to you cordially whenever you have any problems or need any questions answered.
The system is strict with both detail inputs, and transaction measures. All customers’ resources are guarded with tough encryptions for security purposes with personal information kept completely private. Banking information such as credit card details is not stored on the platform.
Transaction and Verification Process
With a few bottom clicks, your clients can do the transaction no matter what the quantity in an easy and a convenient way. The simplified verification process also ensures that your platform complies with anti-money laundering regulations.
Bounty Platform
  • User friendly interface
  • Social media authentications
  • Fully automated
  • Campaign processing
  • AI/ML incorporation
  • Multiple task management
Investor Dashboard
Multiple cryptocurrencies
& fiat
KYC/AML solutions
User friendly interface
OTP or 2FA authentication
Triggered emails
Custom purchase bonuses
Referral program
Real time statistics
Hosting and administration
Who Are We?
Bitnetlab OÜ is a fintech company that provides worldwide cryptocurrency payment processing. Our technology enables customers to execute online payments with complete fraud protection.
We provide our clients with the opportunity to enjoy maximum transaction speed and zero fraud risk exposure.
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